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Digital Maps 3D



3D digital maps, with accuracy nearby the meter, recreate a complete urban environment at 95% realistic.
This product is an essential tool to help you developing Network deployment models and simulations.

Thanks to this solution, you will be able to visualize quickly, from your office, the area covered by the Network, without going on the field. You can deploy your network on the key cities of your country working from your Headquarters.

It is the best way to calculate efficiently the number of BTS to be implemented, as well as their environment. 

Those products contains 5 layers:

DTM (Digital Terrain Model) The DTM gives the altitude value of each point of the Area of Interest. It is processed by Computer aided photogrammetry on stereoscopic satellite images at 0,60m or 1m resolution

DHM (Digital Height Model as 3D contours) (in vector format) The DHM gives the altitude of the Buildings inside the area processed by Computer aided photogrammetry on stereoscopic images at 0,60m or 1m resolution

Clutter (adjustable to the customer needs) (in raster format) The clutter gives the land use type of each point of the Area of Interest. It is Processed by Computer Aided Photo-Interpretation on the satellite images.

Up to 18 clutter classes 0,6m to 1m satellite image Unclassified ? Open - Open in urban ? Airport - Sea ? Inland water ?Trees ? Low Building ? Mean Low Building ? Mean High Building ? High Building ? Skycrapers ? Monuments ? Industrial ? Village ? Scattered urban

Vector Linear Features (not requested by certain RF planning software) The linear features gather the transportation and hydrographic networks and the geographical and political processed by Manual Digitizing on the satellite images and existing maps.

Satellite Orthoimage Georeferenced
in the same projection than the other layers and at the same resolution, the satellite ortho-image is provided to facilitate the positioning and the quality control of the previous layers. (in option a topographic map can be provided when available and recent).


ADSL 2+ (1 Port)
ADSL 2+ (1 Port)...

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Power line ADSL2+ WLAN Router
Power line ADSL2+ WLAN Router...

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200Mbps Powerline Ethernet Adapter
200Mbps Powerline Ethernet Adapter...

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