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Digital Maps 2D


We provide a range of medium digital maps to meet your technical requirements for the optimization and development of your network.

  • REGIONAL AND COUNTRY MAPS: For regional and country coverage, from 10 to 50m resolution.

  • CITY MAPS: For city coverage: From 5 to 20m coverage.

  • POPULATIONS MAPS: Maps that associate population density to each clutter class.



  • DTM (Digital Terrain Model): The DTM gives the altitude value of each point of the Area of Interest. It is produced with SRTM source and validated and improve with existing topographic maps 

  • Clutter: Clutter: The clutter gives the land use type of each point of the Area of Interest. It is Processed by Computer Aided Photo-Interpretation on the satellite images.

  • Vector Linear Features: The linear features gather the transportation and hydrographic networks and the geographical and political boundaries. It is processed by Manual Digitizing on the satellite images and existing maps.

  • Satellite Orthoimage: Georeferenced in the same projection than the other layers and at the same resolution, the satellite ortho-image is provided to facilitate the positioning and the quality control of the previous layers. (in option a topographic map can be provided when available and recent)



ADSL 2+ (1 Port)
ADSL 2+ (1 Port)...

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Power line ADSL2+ WLAN Router
Power line ADSL2+ WLAN Router...

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200Mbps Powerline Ethernet Adapter
200Mbps Powerline Ethernet Adapter...

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