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1. What is 56K?
A. It's the connection speed in 56000 bits per second.

2. What are "voice" modems?
A. It's a TAM function, which stands for Telephone Answering Machine.

3. What are "PCI" modems?
A. This modem is with PCI interface which will be installed on the PCI slot on the motherboard.

4. What are "software" or "soft" modems?
A. The modems replace some of the hardware found on a conventional modem with software programs that run on the main system processor.

5. Why is my modem getting NO DIAL TONE?
A. Please check if your phone line is properly plug-in or not.

6. Why do I sometimes have problems connecting?
A. It could be caused by the quality of local phone line.

7. How do I shut off Call Waiting?
A. This function is operated differently by different modem, usually you can disable this function when install the modem, or when there's an incoming call while you're on line, a messege will pop out asking if you want to answer it or not.

8. What is Caller ID?
A. This function identifies the number of incoming calls.

9. What is Distinctive Ring?
A. This function recognizes that the incoming call is from telephone or fax machine.

10. What is Plug and Play?
A. Plug and Play also called PnP, user is able to just plug it in a new device and immediately be able to use it, without complicated setup operation